If no great book or symphony was ever written by committee, no great portfolio has ever been selected by one, either
— Peter Lynch

Eric Schleien, Portfolio Manager | GSCM

Eric Schleien, Portfolio Manager | GSCM

About Eric schleien

Hi, I’m Eric Schleien and I’m the sole portfolio manager of Granite State Capital Management. If after reading this you’d like to contact me directly for any questions, comments, or would just like to get to know me, I can be reached through my contact form OR you can call me directly on my cell at 914-275-5696 regardless of if you’re a potential investor or not.


Here’s a little bit about my background. I’ve been passionate about value investing since I’m14 years old when I read my first book about Warren Buffett. I have been managing my own capital since February of 2005 and I now manage my investment partner’s money through separately managed accounts.

Incentive Structure

I personally value having highly intelligent and rational investment partners over being an asset gatherer. Based off that principle, Granite State Capital Management has an incentive structure for qualified investors which rewards outperformance overtime as opposed to just being paid for gathering more assets.