GuruFocus Interviews Eric Schleien

Eric Schleien sits down with PJ Pahygiannis of GuruFocus

During the interview, the following questions are asked:

1. How did you get started investing?

2. Describe your investing strategy

3. What drew you to that specific strategy?

4. What books or other investors influenced you?

5. How has your investing changed over the years?

6. Name some of the things that you do that other investors do not

7. Where do you get your investing ideas from?

8. Do you use any stock screeners?

9. Name some of the traits that a company must have for you to invest in

10. What kind of checklist do you use when investing?

11. Before making an investment, what kind of research do you do?

12. What kind of bargains are you finding in this market?

13. How do you feel about the market today? Do you see it as overvalued?

14. What are some books that you are reading now?

15. Any advice to a new investor?