Magical Thinking In Capital Raising

The Myth

There's a myth called if you have value to offer, that people will magically come to you see the value you have to create. That kind of thinking is asinine.

Yes, we all love hearing the story of someone who was just doing their thing, created a lot of value without talking about it, and then went on to raise millions of dollars.

Survivorship Bias

It's called survivorship bias. People seem to not tell the tales of the people they have never heard of, who were creating value, but couldn't raise any capital and then went on to do something else.

In the investment world, where a huge chunk of my colleagues are socially incompetent and think that marketing is some sin as a way to avoid connecting with people. That's a really stupid way to run a business.

The Marketplace

If you have value to share, then actually put it INTO the marketplace. Just hoping that some people will discover you magically is stupid.